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SLS Lego Raffle Winners!

Hello Grey-Ghosters!
We are going to have our SLS Lego Raffle!
We have already sent out all of the entry numbers (the were randomly picked) to everyone that entered so we are going to using a random number generator to pick our winners.
We are going to click the generator 3 times and the third number will be our second place winner. We will click the generator three times again and the third number will be our big grand prize winner!
I am putting the links from the Nicholas Cara Facebook Page where the videos are right now (I’m having a little trouble loading them to the website)
Good luck to everyone!

Our Winning Numbers
Grand Prize: 42
Second Place: 88


Rules Video (Click Link)
Winners Picked:
Winners Video (Click Link)

Time to thank the band!


Well Grey-Ghosters, if you remember the day before we published the first novel you will remember that this is one of my favorite emails to write! It’s time to thank the band!

Let me explain to our new members. At the end of every play the crowd is clapping for the actors but then before they leave the cast gives a well deserved applause to the band. Because honestly they couldn’t get past the first act without them!

And so is true for this writer. Without my band I wouldn’t have typed my first word.

I can’t thank my wife Kimberly Mastramico and our son any more for their love and support throughout this process. Without them I wouldn’t have even tried.

I also can’t thank my parents, sister Christa Kalcic and brother in law Adam for their support and for running the Nicholas Cara website for me.

I also can’t forget a tip of the thank you hat to my wife’s family who every Sunday let me disappear to their dining room table to work on this novel until dinner was ready. I really wouldn’t have finished this without them.

I can’t forget the mastermind that makes me sound even more literate than usual, Dan Paloski, and our new crew of ghost readers Jolene Mastramico and Austin Decker.

And to the Grey-Ghoster community. You guys have been the best! I’ve met so many new faces throughout the years since the first release because of their love and support of the Grey Ghost series. From the Windy City of Chicago with the great Svengoolie Rich Koz, Jim Roche, Dave Fuentes and David Albaugh of Terror From Beyond The Daves to Vegas’s own Bradley Beard then back to the Buckeye State with Chris and Kelly Paloski, Ray Joseph, Renae Norkiewicz Bowman and so many others before we travel down to the red clay of Bama with the Pop Culture Philosophers, Bonnie ConChair Auten and the crew at Con Kasterborous, and the whole crew with Bubba Deep, Lisa Campbell Walls, and Robbie Billz at The Deep, Comics & Games. Each one of you has helped me type every single word in The Grey Ghost: The Jeweled Kiss Mysteries and I can’t thank you all enough.

Like an actor who just won an academy award and is getting played off, I’m know I’m forgetting someone so please know I appreciate you all and hope that you enjoy the new novel as much as I did creating it.
Thank you all!!!

Oh golly Free Grey Ghost Buttons!

Hey Grey-Ghosters here’s something really keen!

Want your own super-duper Grey-Ghost pin back button? Who wouldn’t? This little beauty will make any jacket, dress, or cap the envy of the neighborhood because they are so dog gone sharp looking and really easy to get. Soon your friends will be asking “Hey can I get my hands one of those swell Grey Ghost buttons?”

So how do you get one of these humdinger buttons? You don’t have to send in a single penny, not even a box top. Fact is you can’t buy these Grey Ghost buttons anywhere but you can get them now if you help out your ghost guardian get the word out about The Grey Ghost: The Jeweled Kiss Mysteries.
December 12th is coming quickly and I would appreciate everyone’s help getting the word out about the Grey Ghost: The Jeweled Kiss Mysteries so we can a huge launch on release day. So attached below are two posters for the new novel. One is for you if you live close to the Alabama/Tennessee area (book signings edition) and one is for you if you live a little farther away (Barnes and Noble, Amazon edition). If you want to help out please print a few of these and put them in your local coffee shops, malt shops or anywhere you think they will get some great foot traffic. If you do, just send us at picture of it and your address at
and we will send you your own Grey Ghost Button free of charge!

One button per customer, offer good as long as supplies last.


TheGreyGhostReturns_LastPoster4me_FarAway TheGreyGhostReturns_LastPoster4me

The JKMs PROOFS are here!

Good morning Grey-Ghosters!
Well this is it, the proof copies of ‘The Grey Ghost: The Jeweled Kissed Mysteries’ have arrived!
I’ll be honest my friends – my hand was shaking a little opening that box I was so excited! But WOW what a great feeling to finally hold a copy of the novel!

So now off to my crack team of Ghost Readers before the we announce the publication day, have a great weekend!

Proofs Proofs2 Proofs3


That’s just WONDERFUL!

Our hero is being compelled to tell the truth…
WW- “Are you excited to see the new Wonder Woman movie?”
GG -“Yes I really am!”
WW- “When is The Grey Ghost: The Jeweled Kiss Mysteries going to be released?”
GG -“This Summer! darn it! Stupid Lasso of Truth!”

Well the cat’s out the bag Grey-Ghosters!
TJKMs will be available soon, keep your eyes peeled for more info in the next few weeks!



Here’s the BIG NEWS!

Well here is the BIG NEWS I promised Grey-Ghosters.
After many hours (recently late hours when everyone has gone to bed), too many trips to Starbucks to count (actually stopped counting after 50), hundreds of boneheaded ideas and just enough good ones to put together what I think is a super story, possibly even better than the original…..
‘The Grey Ghost: The Jeweled Kiss Mysteries’ is finished!
The final rough draft completed on Sunday was sent to ‘the man’ Dan Paloski for editing last night after I finished the last few art tweaks.
It’s a story that stays right in step with the ‘Shadow that Walks’ but since most of the characters were introduced in the first novel I was allowed to really ramp the action and suspense up a couple levels!
I can’t wait for you to meet The Jeweled Kiss! A new fresh character who is not at all what she seems. The planning into the twists and turns of this character’s story took more time than the writing itself so I really hope you enjoy her.
I was also really excited to be able to include the winning entries of ‘The Great Grey Ghost Art Contest’ by Svengoolie Rich Koz, Bradley Beard, James Bridgewater and Kathy Marson into the novel. Two of them actually ended up changing the direction and inspiring new scenes in the story itself.
Now Dan and I have a lot of work ahead of us to get a great copy of the story ready for print so the release day is still up in the air but I do not believe that it is a stretch to say 2017 will be the year of the release of the next Grey Ghost novel!