The Grey Ghost: The Shadow That Walks

FrontCover_11_6Return with us now to the thrilling days of yesteryear! At a time where the very world itself was being threatened by the menacing dangers of war, one man returns home after being injured in battle to find the injustice he had rallied against overseas has now infested the very city that he loves.

Join our hero, Joseph Bevine, who with aid from his friends and the amazing powers of the mysterious Spartan Cloak, rises above his injuries to stand tall as a champion of justice to the fair city of Capstone.

Be thrilled at the action and suspense as our hero battles the villainous Dr. Rosán and monstrous Mr. Vega, who along with their enigmatic benefactor seek nothing less than the complete destruction of the peaceful free world around them. Little do they know that standing in their way is Joseph Bevine, the shadow that walks, known as

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