The Extreme Makeover Super Edition Campaign is underway!!!


One year ago I was challenged by one of my readers to cos-play as Superman at the 2019 Superman Celebration.
Now let’s get this clear, cos-playing is not my thing, I admire those who do it but I haven’t dressed up in a costume since I was 12 for Halloween.
But not being one to shy away from a challenge, I accepted.

I have been using the Celebration as a marker every year to see the progress that I’ve been making getting in shape over the last 10 years so… by accepting this crazy challenge I decided to redouble… no triple… my efforts over the past year to get in the best shape I could to properly fit the costume.

Over the past year I’ve dedicated myself to this task. Attending numerous Cardio/Pilates classes multiple times a week, playing basketball daily (sometimes twice) and pushing myself to new limits with my diet and conditioning all in the hopes to pull off properly dressing like the Man of Steel.

But when I accepted this challenge there was one condition!
Now that I’ve put myself through the most rigorous past year to properly fulfill my end of the bargain and cos-play as Superman here where I’m going to ask you, Grey-Ghosters, to step up and help.

My only condition when I accepted:
If if anyone ever wants to see how all of this hard work pays off (on the Nicholas Cara Facebook Page or here on ) and see a photo of me cos-playing as the Man of Steel at this year’s Celebration then we have to meet our goal of raising enough funds for ‘Connor’s Cure’ which is a part of the ‘V Foundation’.

Every cent collected for this campaign is going to ‘Connor’s Cure’ which helps on the fight against pediatric cancer.

Here is the link to the campaign:

and here’s a little bit about what ‘Connor’s Cure’ is:
Connor’s Cure, established at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation in 2014, was created by Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events and Creative, and Stephanie McMahon, Chief Brand Officer, to honor the irrepressible spirit of this special little boy. WWE and Connor’s Cure raises funds to support pediatric cancer research.

Battling medulloblastoma, a rare tumor that affects the brain and spinal cord, 8-year-old Connor left quite the impression on those he encountered. With a quick wit and infectious grin, Connor melted even the toughest WWE Superstar’s and Divas’ hearts.

In 2016, after raising nearly $1 million, Connor’s Cure has expanded their partnership with Children’s Foundation to gain an important new ally – The V Foundation for Cancer Research. This exciting partnership will continue to achieve research breakthroughs so that no child suffers as Connor did.

You can find out more about Connor’s Cure here .

So that’s the deal Grey-Ghosters. I’ve put in all of the work over the past year:
-Lifting (70% Increase on the Bench alone)
-Cardio classes (90+ Hours)
-Distance running (Soooooo many Miles)
`Basketball (180+ Hours)
-Weird yoga stretches (Still hurts…)
-And a diet that would make a skinny rabbit hungry.
There has been a lot of sweat and probably even more tears but here is where it all can pay off to help a great organization like Connor’s Cure as they help some great kids.

Please donate as much as you can, even small amounts will add up quickly. Remember this is all in the effort to see this author step WAY WAY out of his comfort zone and more importantly to help out some great kids.

-Nicholas Cara

My 2nd ‘SUPER’ Article in Scary Monsters Magazine is on the shelves!


The mail yesterday was a home run Grey-Ghosters!
I found my beautiful copy of Scary Monsters Magazine – The Real Monster Magazine’s Monster Memories #27 awaiting me and sitting within its monster pages was my second published article in the fan favorite magazine!
I’m so proud of this piece because it details the adventures my family and I have experienced in Metropolis, Illinois at the yearly Superman Celebration over the past 10 years.
From Kryptonite to a 15 foot tall bronze Man of Steel I try to take everyone on a SUPER trip to explain the fun and memories that we had on the streets of steel.

Monster Memories should be on the shelves at your local Books-A-Million (and I think possibly Barnes and Noble) soon Grey-Ghosters. It’s a great publication full of amazing articles by friends of the Grey Ghost such as Terror From Beyond The Dave’s Dave Fuentes and others. So go pick up your copy before they sell out!



We’ve hit the 1/4 point of the Extreme Makeover SUPER Edition Challenge!!!!

Good Morning Grey-Ghosters!
Well we’ve hit the 1/4 point of the ‘Extreme Makeover Super Edition” year long challenge I’ve set myself to and so far so good!
The numbers that are suppose to be going up are and the numbers that are suppose to be going down are dropping.
So wish me luck Grey-Ghosters since I still have 266 days left to go!
And remember the point of all this, besides getting your intrepid author in super shape, is to raise funds for Connor’s Cure by donating if you want the end result of all of this blood sweat and so many many many tears :-)




Extreme Makeover SUPER Edition announcement

Well here’s some news Grey-Ghosters…some SUPER Extreme news
First off, book three is in the works. I’ve actually finished a few chapters already, so fingers crossed that it keeps coming together like it has because it is going to be huge! <- that’s a hint at the name 😉 But on to the SUPER news, it is a little personal but I’ve decided to make it both geeky and fun so I’m telling all of Team Grey Ghost about it. As some of you might know, over the past 9 years I’ve been attending the annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois along with numerous other conventions around the country. This past year we finally found a great avenue to incorporate the Superman Celebration with the Grey Ghost series with our Grey Ghost Scavenger Hunt partnering with Miltons and Sissy's - A Sweet Shoppe, two great local businesses on the street of steel. Over these years, the one part of the Celebration that I’ve always watched and never been brave enough to participate in is the cosplaying. Honestly I haven’t dressed up or put on a Halloween costume since I was in middle school. Whether it was lack of opportunities or simple confidence in myself, dressing up simply was never my thing. But away from that drama, in the efforts to keep myself in shape and healthy I’ve decided to start a new exercise and eating program this year. It consists of a combination of cardio and weight lifting along with a few less cookies and cake. It is nothing drastic but something that I think I can keep up after I hit my goals long term. So why am I telling you this, other than the fact everyone tells everyone everything on the internet? Well there are two reasons: 1. Now that I’ve told people I’m going to work harder at it. 2. I’ve decided to geek this up a little and thought you might get a kick out of it. I’ve decided to keep to this work out routine in order to get in shape enough to take a step outside of my normal geekdom box. At next year’s Superman Celebration (my 10th!) I will hopefully be in good enough shape to walk up to the Superman statue in a full Superman costume and take a photo. Now if I’m going to do this I’m going to try and get a really good costume so if any Grey-Ghosters out there can help me find one please contact me. So that’s the goal, a complete a utter crazy act by this shy and reserved nerd :-) It is not going to be easy but the idea of walking around in a costume is going to more than enough motivation to keep me going this year.
I also want to make all this sweat and hard work help others.
So I’m going to plan to set up a fundraiser that people can make pledges to. The idea will be if you want to see the Super photograph of all my hard work we will have to reach a certain pledge goal where all of the donations will be going to ‘Connor’s Cure’ like with our previous fundraisers. If we reach the set goal of pledges I will post the photo of me at next year’s Superman Celebration in the costume on Facebook.

Wish me luck Grey-Ghosters, the next year is not going to be easy but I’m really looking forward to it.

A little fun Monday news

Good morning Grey-Ghosters!
Here is something to brighten your Monday! Everything went through with over the weekend so I made the donation to Connor’s Cure in Aaron’s name this morning. Attached are screenshots of the receipt. Thank all of you again for helping out with campaign, it was a outstanding success.



The Grey Ghost Punch Out T-shirt Sale is Tonight!

Tonight is the night Grey-Ghosters! The “Grey Ghost Punch Out” Charity T-shirt Sale starts at 7 pm cst, let’s go take a swing at pediatric cancer and help out Connor’s Cure! And remember all the proceeds donated (100% of the proceeds from the sale) are going in the memory of our Grey-Ghoster Aaron Masterson. I hope everyone can participate in the event and please do your part and share the announcements of our sale.
Go to:


Our second charity T-shirt sale!

Let’s help your ghostly guardian punch out pediatric cancer Grey-Ghosters!!!
I am happy to officially announce our second charity T-shirt sale! The Grey Ghost Punch Out! Sale will be this upcoming Monday (April 16th) starting at 7 pm cst at:


Like last time it will be a 48 hour sale so don’t miss out on this great piece of Grey Ghost swag!
This time around, 100% of the proceeds from this sale are going to be donated to ‘Connor’s Cure’ which is a great initiative fighting pediatric cancer.
I am happy to say Team Grey Ghost is now an official registered charity event for Connor’s Cure and are very proud to be a part of that great initiative.

We will also be donating the proceeds to ‘Connor’s Cure’ in the memory of one of our Grey-Ghosters, Aaron Masterson, who I bet would’ve loved the red t-shirt out of the 4.

I can’t thank you all enough for helping support this event.

Please share this post as many times as you can on your social media. Like, Share, Retweet, every little bit helps.
And don’t forget to be here on Monday for the big kick off of the “Grey Ghost Punch Out!” T-shirt Sale!



SLS Lego Raffle Winners!

Hello Grey-Ghosters!
We are going to have our SLS Lego Raffle!
We have already sent out all of the entry numbers (the were randomly picked) to everyone that entered so we are going to using a random number generator to pick our winners.
We are going to click the generator 3 times and the third number will be our second place winner. We will click the generator three times again and the third number will be our big grand prize winner!
I am putting the links from the Nicholas Cara Facebook Page where the videos are right now (I’m having a little trouble loading them to the website)
Good luck to everyone!

Our Winning Numbers
Grand Prize: 42
Second Place: 88


Rules Video (Click Link)
Winners Picked:
Winners Video (Click Link)