Superman Lego Shield Update #5

Superman Lego Shield Update #5

We are in home stretch of #LegoSupermanShield build!
With both the center and left hand sections complete, all that was remaining was the right hand side of the LEGO Super Shield.
Taking a slightly different approach than the left side, I started building the right connecting it along the way to the existing structure as I went.
This is where taking a little extra time to fortify those two earlier sections before starting this remaining part paid off. That now solid large part of the S allowed me to follow farther along the curvature of the shield without the need of the main 4×4 back support as with the first two sections.

This actually cut a lot of the building time in half…

And once I reached the location of the back 4×4 support post and locked that in place it was just a matter of finishing off the top and securing all three sections via connection points across the back and the front of the model.

I’ll be honest with you Grey-Ghosters, seeing it at this point of construction was very exciting. While this isn’t close to the largest model I’ve designed or built, it definitely was the most challenging because of the size verse shape aspect.

Now that the main construction is complete, come back next time Grey-Ghosters to see the final SUPER little details!

Same Super LEGO Time… Same Super LEGO Channel!