Superman Lego Shield Update #4

Superman Lego Shield Update #4
The holiday weekend pushed back our #LegoSupermanShield update but construction has progressed!
With the center section complete, it was time to move over to the left section of the Super Shield. As with the center piece, I started layering the left side on the stand until it became too top/back heavy for the simple front supports. However, as soon as I connected the 4×4 brace in the back this section came together very nicely.
This of course gave me a lot of hope on how its mate on the right hand side was going to go but we’ll talk about that on the next update.
Once fully upright I slowed down construction to fortify the rows themselves across the left and center sections with longer plates. This took a little time but really locked everything into place for these two sections (fingers crossed). I also took stock after this section to make sure I had ordered the correct number of LEGO to finish the project off.

Sadly my count was a bit off but nothing I couldn’t make up for with the small (but color coded) stockpile of LEGO I’ve put together over the years.
Come back next time Grey-Ghosters to see the finishing steps!

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