Super Lego Shield Update #2

Super Lego Shield Update #2:

Now that I worked out the dimensions of the #LegoSupermanShield through all of my many many photos of the Metropolis, Illinois marvel it was time to actually design it digitally.

The first thing I needed to do was measure how tall and wide (roughly) a Lego brick was. Deciding on a standard 2×2 brick as my baseline, I used the measured width to locate major location points on the shield. Then using the brick’s measured height, I raised those major points to their actual 3-dimensional locations.

This actually was the easy part.

The hard part came when I tried to fill in the shape of the shield within those major locations. That took a lot of time. The curvature of the chest and how the shield follows Superman’s form started off easily with standard bricks however quickly broke down into smaller and then even smaller plates as the curvature continued. However through trial and error I was able to finally figure it out.

BUT once that was finally worked out, those bricks and plates were then later modified into even smaller pieces so I could change the color scheme from a flat green to the iconic red over yellow Superman Shield and give that shape a 3-dimensional outline.

As you can guess this process really relies on being able to digitally design the Lego project which allows you to easily change bricks on the fly without actually purchasing anything.

But happily after all of the super digital tweaking was done it was time to order all of the Lego for this 2020 Superman Celebration project and get building!

Check out our next update for giant piles of red, yellow and blue Lego AND the start of construction!