Super LEGO Shield Update #1

Super LEGO Shield Update #1:

Good Morning Grey-Ghosters
Since I announced the #LegoSupermanShield Project last week a number of people have asked me how I came up with the dimensions of the Lego project. So, I thought that might be a great place to start with the weekly updates on the construction of the Shield.
I originally tried contacting City Hall and the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce to find either plans or historical records of the statue’s full dimensions. Sadly even though I had the help of some great people, no one was able to find any information on the statue other than the common knowledge that it is a 15 foot tall painted bronze statue.

Now I could’ve driven 4.5 hours to the street of steel in Metropolis, Illinois and nicely asked the Super Museum to borrow a ladder to reach the shield and actually measure the bronze shield but… that seemed a little extreme.

So, I went with an analytical approach to figuring out the dimensions.
Over the past 11 years of visiting Metropolis I have amassed a large number of digital photographs of the statue. Using the photo of me holding a copy of the Grey Ghost novel as shown below I was able to back out how many pixels in this image an inch contained (using the known dimensions of the novel!).

With that knowledge I was able to back out a rough series of dimensions for the Superman Shield. Correlating those with side and top views (taken by Rick Sare’s drone- Thanks Rick!) and the same pixel/inch technique I was able to verify and collect other needed dimensions (depth, angle, etc.) of the Shield.

Now taking those calculated dimensions and building a Lego version of a Superman Shield for the Superman Celebration that is nearly 3 feet long and 2 feet tall was another matter.

Find out about that in next week’s update!