Super Lego Shield Announcement!

Good Morning Grey-Ghosters!
It is my privilege to announce both our yearly charity event for 2020 and my next really big LEGO project!
Have you ever seen the 15 foot tall Superman Statue in Metropolis, Illinois and said “Wow I wish I could have something like that in my yard?”

Well now you can… sort of 😄

In conjunction with the 2020 Superman Celebration, The Super Museum and the Save the Massac Theatre Program I have developed a FULL SCALED SIZE Superman Shield matching the dimensions of Metropolis’s Bronze Statue.
The piece is nearly 30 inches long and over 15 inches tall matching the shield and chest curvature of the 15 foot tall Man of Steel Statue. It consists of nearly 3800 bricks!

And the coolest part is… you can win it this June at the 2020 Superman Celebration!

This creation will be revealed at the Superman Celebration AND will be RAFFLED OFF over the weekend to some lucky Superman Fan with the proceeds benefiting the Celebration, Super Museum and Save the Massac Theatre Program.
The finer details are still being worked out by the Celebration organizers but the bricks have been ordered and the SUPER construction has already begun!

Look for weekly updates on the design and construction of this piece on the Nicholas Cara Facebook page and!

QuarterPenny and Up Up and Away!