Rondo Article of the Year Nomination!!!

Good Morning Grey-Ghosters!
I’m going to take a break from the #LegoSupermanShield updates for a moment (but check back on Monday for another exciting update!) to announce some amazing and still SUPER news!
Last year I wrote an article named ‘A Super Walk Down the Street of Steel’ that was amazingly published in bookstores nationwide by Scary Monsters Magazine – The Real Monster Magazine in their Monster Memories issue #27. The article is a fun take on my adventures and surprises over the past nine years of attending the Superman Celebration and visiting the Super Museum in Metropolis, Illinois.
Being published nationally in Monster Memories was exciting enough for this humble author however the feedback on that article was some of the best I’ve received from my readers and amazingly the good news hasn’t stopped there…

I was informed this week that my article ‘A Super Walk Down the Street of Steel’ has been nominated for ARTICLE OF THE YEAR in the 18th Annual Rondo Awards!

The Rondo Awards ( are one of the top Classic Horror Awards honoring the best in classic research creativity and film preservation – in case you were wondering they have branched out into classic Science Fiction slightly which is how I think I got in :-). This is a true honor and I could not be happier to be included with the other amazing writers on the ballot.

So how do we take this little SUPER article and run it to the finish line? That’s where I need your help Grey-Ghosters!
The Rondos are a fan awarded honor so if #TeamGreyGhost can get rolling like I know we can then we might have a chance!

To vote, please send an email to with the title ‘18TH ANNUAL RONDO HATTON CLASSIC HORROR AWARDS VOTE’
and paste the following into the body of the email:
— ‘A Super Walk Down the Street of Steel,’ by Nicholas Cara, MONSTER MEMORIES #27. The not-so-mean streets of Metropolis, Illinois.

If you would like you can go to the Rondo Website and include the full ballot (it’s pretty long) and vote in as many categories as you’d like (you don’t have to vote in all of them to count)

And while you are voting let’s congratulate and help out a couple friends of #TeamGreyGhost by voting for them as well:

— Scary Monsters
— Terror From Beyond The Dave A singular version of horror madness.
— Svengoolie (Berwyn)
22) TOP EVENT OF 2019
— Svengoolie honored by City of Chicago on 40th anniversary.
25. BEST WRITER OF 2019 (includes reviewers)
– Nicholas Cara

Voting has already started and will remain open until March 29th so let’s get voting Grey-Ghosters!
Thank you so much
As a treat if you didn’t get a chance to read the article Monsters Magazine has given me permission to include a digital copy of the article for your enjoyment! (Attached!)