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Extreme Makeover SUPER Edition announcement

Well here’s some news Grey-Ghosters…some SUPER Extreme news
First off, book three is in the works. I’ve actually finished a few chapters already, so fingers crossed that it keeps coming together like it has because it is going to be huge! <- that’s a hint at the name 😉 But on to the SUPER news, it is a little personal but I’ve decided to make it both geeky and fun so I’m telling all of Team Grey Ghost about it. As some of you might know, over the past 9 years I’ve been attending the annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois along with numerous other conventions around the country. This past year we finally found a great avenue to incorporate the Superman Celebration with the Grey Ghost series with our Grey Ghost Scavenger Hunt partnering with Miltons and Sissy's - A Sweet Shoppe, two great local businesses on the street of steel. Over these years, the one part of the Celebration that I’ve always watched and never been brave enough to participate in is the cosplaying. Honestly I haven’t dressed up or put on a Halloween costume since I was in middle school. Whether it was lack of opportunities or simple confidence in myself, dressing up simply was never my thing. But away from that drama, in the efforts to keep myself in shape and healthy I’ve decided to start a new exercise and eating program this year. It consists of a combination of cardio and weight lifting along with a few less cookies and cake. It is nothing drastic but something that I think I can keep up after I hit my goals long term. So why am I telling you this, other than the fact everyone tells everyone everything on the internet? Well there are two reasons: 1. Now that I’ve told people I’m going to work harder at it. 2. I’ve decided to geek this up a little and thought you might get a kick out of it. I’ve decided to keep to this work out routine in order to get in shape enough to take a step outside of my normal geekdom box. At next year’s Superman Celebration (my 10th!) I will hopefully be in good enough shape to walk up to the Superman statue in a full Superman costume and take a photo. Now if I’m going to do this I’m going to try and get a really good costume so if any Grey-Ghosters out there can help me find one please contact me. So that’s the goal, a complete a utter crazy act by this shy and reserved nerd :-) It is not going to be easy but the idea of walking around in a costume is going to more than enough motivation to keep me going this year.
I also want to make all this sweat and hard work help others.
So I’m going to plan to set up a fundraiser that people can make pledges to. The idea will be if you want to see the Super photograph of all my hard work we will have to reach a certain pledge goal where all of the donations will be going to ‘Connor’s Cure’ like with our previous fundraisers. If we reach the set goal of pledges I will post the photo of me at next year’s Superman Celebration in the costume on Facebook.

Wish me luck Grey-Ghosters, the next year is not going to be easy but I’m really looking forward to it.