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A little fun Monday news

Good morning Grey-Ghosters!
Here is something to brighten your Monday! Everything went through with over the weekend so I made the donation to Connor’s Cure in Aaron’s name this morning. Attached are screenshots of the receipt. Thank all of you again for helping out with campaign, it was a outstanding success.



The Grey Ghost Punch Out T-shirt Sale is Tonight!

Tonight is the night Grey-Ghosters! The “Grey Ghost Punch Out” Charity T-shirt Sale starts at 7 pm cst, let’s go take a swing at pediatric cancer and help out Connor’s Cure! And remember all the proceeds donated (100% of the proceeds from the sale) are going in the memory of our Grey-Ghoster Aaron Masterson. I hope everyone can participate in the event and please do your part and share the announcements of our sale.
Go to:


Our second charity T-shirt sale!

Let’s help your ghostly guardian punch out pediatric cancer Grey-Ghosters!!!
I am happy to officially announce our second charity T-shirt sale! The Grey Ghost Punch Out! Sale will be this upcoming Monday (April 16th) starting at 7 pm cst at:


Like last time it will be a 48 hour sale so don’t miss out on this great piece of Grey Ghost swag!
This time around, 100% of the proceeds from this sale are going to be donated to ‘Connor’s Cure’ which is a great initiative fighting pediatric cancer.
I am happy to say Team Grey Ghost is now an official registered charity event for Connor’s Cure and are very proud to be a part of that great initiative.

We will also be donating the proceeds to ‘Connor’s Cure’ in the memory of one of our Grey-Ghosters, Aaron Masterson, who I bet would’ve loved the red t-shirt out of the 4.

I can’t thank you all enough for helping support this event.

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And don’t forget to be here on Monday for the big kick off of the “Grey Ghost Punch Out!” T-shirt Sale!