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Go be a Hero Grey-Ghosters!

Good Morning Grey-Ghosters,


I wanted to let all of you know about an opportunity that crossed my desk over the weekend. This is an opportunity to do the right thing that without your support with the Grey Ghost novel series I wouldn’t be able to do. So I thought it was only fair to let all of you know about it. Over the past three years we–and I mean we as in TEAM GREY GHOST–have been able to support a number of charities through numerous events such as The Ice Bucket Challenge, our QuarterPenny T-shirt sale which benefited Wounded Warriors, and then through our ‘Great Grey Ghost Art Contest’ we were able to support Connor’s Cure helping those dealing with pediatric Cancer and Cancer Research. These were highlights to a journey I never thought I was starting when I scribbled down the first word to ‘The Grey Ghost: The Shadow that Walks’ but it has become one I enjoy everyday. And it was your support through those campaigns that made our contributions possible, so I want you all to know how grateful I will always be for that.

Well, back to the little thing that crossed my desk over the weekend. A Facebook post showing a listing for a gentleman named Adam Henning. Now I’m not going to act like a saint here, honestly I usually pass stuff like this up on Facebook (most of the time its someone wanting a free car or Disney trip etc.) but something about this post made me pause. This post stated that Adam, an amputee, was requesting funds to get his athletic wheelchair back from being pawned. Apparently hard times had fallen on his family and Adam had to pawn his wheelchair that he uses to play sports (primarily wheelchair basketball) into funds for his family. Now I don’t know Adam from Paul, my wife knows him from when they were kids and that’s the extent of our connection. I also don’t know what kind of hardship he’s gone through more than I would the next guy but in the end I’ve come to understand none of that really matters. Whether my best friend or a man I’ll never meet, I decided to have Team Grey Ghost step up for Adam and through the sales of this book buy Adam his wheelchair back. Why? because it’s the right thing to do.

Now I wanted to tell you all about this but not so you can all see how charitable I am. At first I wasn’t even going to mention it at all but I decided:

1.) Maybe this will get Adam’s story out into the world where others might want to lend a helping hand beyond this contribution.

2.) I wanted to let you know that this author learned a lesson.
One which came from living the amazing adventures of Joe Bevine in my head while I was trying to put them down on paper. The lesson, that stepping out from the shadows to help someone in need isn’t just the job for our heroes flying in the sky, or for those wearing badges or fighting fires. Sometimes by just reaching down to help a stranger up when they have fallen down you too can be a hero, no cape required though they are very fashionable recently. Getting Adam’s chair back for him is something our hero Joe Bevine would do, not for show or praise, but because it was the right thing to do, and that’s reason enough for me.

Go be a hero everyday Grey-Ghosters

RD Part 3/4 Done!

Good Morning Grey-Ghosters,
I’m very happy to announce that PART 3/4 of TJKM Rough Draft is finished! I put the finishing touches on it yesterday and sent it along to Dan ‘The Editing Man’ Paloski last night. I’m really pleased how the story has continued to build upon itself up to this point and I can’t wait to get my teeth into the final section.
Have a great holiday weekend!