Help needed Grey-Ghosters! A New LEGO Project

Good Morning Grey-Ghosters!
(Completely non-book related…An update is coming very soon, scout’s honor!)

But I have to admit it… I’m still a big kid.
BUT I don’t play with toys anymore (err… much) in my free time (hahahaha…so so little of that anymore) I’m starting to DESIGN them!
And the good news is someone apparently noticed since LEGO has approved my design for a SPACE LAUNCH SYSTEM on their LEGO IDEAS website. So now I have to ask everyone for their help supporting it there and the clock is ticking! If the design gets supported by enough people LEGO will actually produce the SLS set and sell it in stores!
It would be a great honor to have designed the official NASA Space Launch System LEGO set so I would really appreciate your help Grey-Ghosters supporting the project and helping me get the word out by telling your friends and Facebook, Twitter etc.
Just click on the link below and hit ‘Support’