“YIKES!”, “BAM!”, “POW!”, and Rubber Chickens? Here are your Great Grey Ghost Art Contest winners Grey-Ghosters!

And then there were… 4!
Grey-Ghosters this art contest has been one awesome surprise after another. First artwork came in from all over the country and then the contest itself got pushed by celebrities locally, nationally and in galaxies far, far away. The best part of it all was of course the much larger than expected contribution we were able to make to our children’s charity, Conner’s Cure, from the large turnout by all of the artistic Grey-Ghosters.
And with every contest there has to be a winner or in this case winners!
Attached are the 4 winning entries in the Great Grey Ghost Art Contest. The winners are:

Bradley Beard
James Bridgewater
Kathy Marson
Rich Koz also known as MeTV’s Svengoolie

These 4 winners not only will receive a free autographed copy of the next Grey Ghost novel ‘The Jeweled Kiss Mysteries,’ but their artwork will be used in the novel at key parts of the story. They will also have a full page of the book allocated to their work in the back of the novel in a special art contest section to fully display these great pieces.
Thank you all for entering your art and helping us raise $360.00 for Conner’s Cure. You can find out more and donate yourself to this great organization at:

QuarterPenny! By: Bradley Beard

1_BradleyBeard_GG By: Bradley Beard


2_GG_Hits_Posted By: James Bridgewater

3_Grey_Ghost_Attacks!By: Kathy Marson

4_Koz'sGreyGhost By: Rich Koz also known as MeTV’s Svengoolie