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Tick-Tock and a Special Thank You!

Good Morning Grey-Ghosters!
Only a few more days left in the ‘The Great Grey Ghost Art Contest’ so keep those submissions coming! The deadline for entering your masterpiece is THIS SATURDAY JAN. 30TH at MIDNIGHT! We’ve received multiple submissions from artist all over the WORLD (not kidding!) already however don’t let that scare you away, we need multiple winners and you’ll never know what our judges are looking for, so get your art on. Remember the more submissions the higher our donation to our children’s cancer research charity will go!
I have to take a minute to thank a few great individuals that stepped up over this campaign to lend a hand getting the word out about the Charity Contest. These four celebrities heard of what we were doing here and with a quick re-tweet or share on their social media sent the contest out to thousands of people which really pushed the level of our charity event to new heights.
Ming Chen Comic Book Men and Michael Zapcic from AMC’s Comic Book Men and their own podcasts, my favorite is “I Sell Comics’, once again stepped up and helped out Team Grey Ghost and I can’t thank them enough.
Mark Hamill, yes I found Luke on that water planet (I believe it was called AHCH-TO) at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and he surprise everyone here at Grey Ghost central by out of the blue helping us get word of the contest out to a galaxy far far away…
And I can thank my friend the great Rich Koz, or as most know him Svengoolie from MeTV. Like Mike and Ming he once again took time out of his day and helped our charity event so I promise to only throw my rubber chicken at him on the TV during the beginning of his broadcast LOL.
I of course want to thank every one of my readers and friends who also promoted the contest on their pages, especially the guys at The Deep, Comics & Games and Bonnie and the whole crew at Con Kasterborous. Getting the word out about charity event is half the battle and I’m in all of your debts.
Remember SATURDAY is the deadline get your submissions in!

Art, Charity and Grey-Ghosters… Oh MY!

When I’m worried and I can’t sleep…


Now I’ve already told all of you how much fun I had traveling the country with TSTWs, meeting all of you, and just enjoying the ride in 2015. I will be honest though, the proudest memory I had last year was when we had the ‘Operation QuarterPenny’ T-shirt campaign earlier in the year. We were able to raise hundreds of dollars for The Wounded Warrior Foundation from just our little 48 hours sale and I never felt better.
Well Grey-Ghosters, New Year and NEW IDEAS! I was contacted over the holiday season by a charity as I know probably many and many of you were as well but different from the numerous flyers in my mailbox, this one really hit home for me. So I’ve decided Team Grey Ghost was going to get involved again! No, this isn’t another T-shirt sale, I’m going to save that for the second novel’s release. It’s just a donation to a worthy cause. Here’s what I’m going to do and how you can help.
Over the past few months I’ve had an open invitation for anyone to enter ‘The Great Grey Ghost Art Contest’, I’ve been searching for the reader’s interpretation of you thought the Grey Ghost looked like in the novel series, any media can be used i.e. pencil, paint, digital, crayon, even macaroni and glue. The winner will have their art included in the new novel and will receive a free copy of the Jeweled Kiss Mysteries. The due date for all of the art entries for this contest has been announced as Jan 30th and I’ve already received numerous entries and have been in contact with other artists that have expressed interest.
HERE’S THE CATCH! I’ve decided since I’m looking for EVERYONE’s interpretation of what the Grey Ghost looks like, whether its a painting, sketch, doodle or finger paint etc etc, I figure everyone can enter this contest. And with that, I’ve decided to make a donation to this charity I mentioned above based on the NUMBER of entries to ‘The Great Grey Ghost Art Contest’! Simply put, the more entries, the the higher the donation to the charity at the end of the month! I’m not allowed to say the name of the charity because we are not an official partner of the charity like last time until after the donation is made but I will tell you that it is a charity funding pediatric brain and spinal cancer, and medical care for children and their families.
Like Bing Crosby said in White Christmas “no one is getting a dime out of this”…well except the charity. This isn’t a sale or a promotion, I’m just taking advantage of one of those blessings I count when I can’t sleep, donate to a great cause and wanted to include Team Grey Ghost.
Your art work could be in the next Grey Ghost novel AND it will increase the amount we donate to our children’s charity. All entries can emailed to
The more entries the larger the donation!

Here’s a link to the original Art Contest Post:…/grey-ghost-art-project-kicko…/

And here’s a video of me explaining everything as well…

Thanks as always!