Team Grey Ghost Christmas/Holiday Party!

Good morning Grey-Ghosters!
Welcome to the Team Grey Ghost first Christmas/Holiday Party!,
I just wanted to take a minute and thank all of Team Grey Ghost for an amazing 2015! The Grey Ghost: The Shadow that Walks was published mid November 2014 and while it did make it to a good number of stockings that year, 2015 was really the year I was able to promote the novel series in full. And thanks to all of you, 2015 was an amazing year, and one of the best parts of it all was meeting all of you either in person or here online. I knew taking the novel to Chicago’s C2E2 was going to be fun but I never could’ve guessed I’d be making so many new friends from that convention such as the crew from the show Svengoolie : the iconic Svengoolie Rich Koz and his the show’s executive producer Jim Roche, and through them other great Grey-Ghosters such as Dave Fuentes from ‘Terror from Beyond the Two Daves’, the amazing artists Bradley Beard and Patrick Owsley and so many others.
Later in the year the novel made an appearance at Superman Celebration in Metropolis IL and I gained another Grey-Ghoster in the Wrestling icon Jerry “The King” Lawler . We then finished the 3 part tour right here at Huntsville’s ‘Con Kasterborous’ picking up great readers such as Bonnie Conchair Auten, Michael Sylvester and others. Now I never got the good Doctor to pick up a copy but maybe in the future…or in the past smile emoticon
And of course I can’t forget those who got me here. My lovely wife Kimberly and our family, are all getting their stockings filled to the brim this year from being so good to me alone. The Editor Supreme Dan Paloski deserves a gold metal weighing that Chicago Bulls sock of his down for just sticking through this crazy idea of mine after reading how bad the first rough draft was wink emoticon
And of my friends and family back in Ohio/Penn: Christa Kalcic, Tom Mastramico, Chris Paloski, Kelly Paloski, Joe Paloski, Ray Joseph, Darla Marie, Chris O’Donnell, Gary Hall, Renae Norkiewicz Bowman, Jake Lape, Rick Lape, Valerie Lape and many so many others Thanks for all of the help this past year.
And of course there are my Southern brothers and sister down here in Alabama: Austin Decker, Kurt Smalley, Lisa Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, James Robinson, Dave McGhee, Marcus Benford, James Washington, Kelvin Nichols, Rumaasha Maasha, Matt Green, Rachel/Mark Paden Richard Steen, Sara Masterson and the list goes on and on. Oh and I can’t forget Bubba Deep, Robbie Billz, Keyera Key, Anthony Horton and the whole crew at The Deep, Comics & Games and Jeff Peck, Chris Bramon and the Mad Malts Brewing crew.
This lists of people that helped make this past year one of the best is just way too much to go through but I wanted to thank all of you out there in numerous states, and countries that visit this site for an amazing year and wish all of you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!
And what is a Christmas Party without gifts? So I have a gift for all of you, its part announcement and part artwork from ‘The Jeweled Kiss Mysteries’, a real key part of it. You might actually not like me after seeing this, it really puts the hooks in 😉

The Announcement: The rough draft of PART 2 of the novel is done and has been sent off to Dan! It is full of action from top to bottom, I mean it literally starts with a headlock and ends with a punch to the gut. And some news that you might find interesting… this is part 2/4. Yes, ‘The Shadow that Walks’ had three parts to it (1. A Hero Comes Home, 2. A Hero Stands, and 3. A Hero Shaken) well TJKM will not be following that format and will end up having four sections instead. When you read it you’ll see that the story almost naturally breaks into four separate adventures that all flow into the ending, so making the change was a easy decision. So as of today the rough draft is 2/4 parts… or 1/2 DONE!
The Art: This is the artwork that will be in the beginning of each part and then be used a separator in the story. I will be using this art just as I did ‘the watch’ in ‘The Shadow that Walks’. Now you all know how important ‘the watch’ was to the Grey Ghost story and I can tell you this image is just as critical to Joe Bevine. How? Well that would be telling… lol

GiftClosed_Open unopen_Boxbook2ChapterArt

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year Grey-Ghosters, no writer could ask for better readers than all of you.