It’s Halloween Week Grey-Ghosters!

Ghoul Morning Grey-Ghosters!
It’s Halloween Week! Boo! Believe it or not, I did ‘carve’ out some time this weekend to work on a few scenes of TJKM just before I pulled out the knifes and REALLY got carving! I usually go for the classic triangle eyes and jagged smile approach but this year the Cara house wanted something a little more goolie on their jack-o-lantern so to honor our favorite horror host and friend of the book, Svengoolie I present the ‘Sven-O-Lantern’! I then pulled out the iPad and and put together the ‘GreyGhost-O-Lantern’! LOL! Hey and if you think my carving abilities are scary, just think if of this, if Tennessee had beat Alabama this weekend I would’ve had to honor a bet with one of the members of Team Grey Ghost and put bright orange and white checker boards all over this page! Wow talk about Scary!!!!
Remember kiddies you can download your own Grey Ghost Halloween mask at the Oct 13 post link below. Trick or treat in style this year!


pumpkin_2015p2 pumpkin_2015p1