The Grey Ghost goes Art Deco!

Good Morning Grey-Ghosters!
I’ll be honest and say a little less writing got done this weekend then expected. But I did get my Art on! LOL Last week I was really inspired by the work of artist Bradley Beard when I saw a piece he sent to friend of the book Svengoolie of his chicken sidekick Kerwyn. I just loved the coloring and old school simplicity of his work that I had to try it out for myself on our own mascot, or as my mom calls him Little Grey. Let’s say I got lucky to get it half as nice as Brad’s work but I simply love how it came out! The only thing I couldn’t figure out was the best background color to go with so here are ALL of them :-) -You pick your favorite and let me know! mine right now is the blue. I did remember that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so I made a special ‘PINK’ version that I’m going to use as my profile picture for majority of the month. Thanks to Mr. Beard for the inspiration and definitely check out his work Grey-Ghosters, (especially the old school Universal monster pieces) at the link below!

Oh and by the way the Great Grey Ghost Art contest is STILL ongoing! We’ve received a few great pieces but submissions are still be excepted!

Cartoon_GG_Face Cartoon_GG_Face_Green Cartoon_GG_Face_Pink Cartoon_GG_Face_Red Cartoon_GG_Face_Yellow Cartoon_GG_Face_Orange