Monthly Archives: September 2015

His name is Cara… Nicholas Cara… LOL

Good Morning Grey-Ghosters!
I hope you all had a great weekend, the weather is finally starting to cool down here in the South which means ‘Fall is Coming!’ I personally can’t wait. I had a pretty productive weekend writing-wise, actually finished a section of the novel I’ve been sitting on for the past month and man was it exciting to get that finally on paper! It is a scene I dreamed up way back when I was still working on ‘The Shadow that Walks’ and really wanted to incorporate it in that story but it just wouldn’t have worked, but it fit like a glove in TJKMs. Also I had the privilege of working with an aspiring photographer a little but ago who volunteered her services to update my ‘selfie’ author photo with one that looked a little more professional. What you guys think? I love it, I’ll be posting all of her information as soon as I get the final prints from her, but she gave me the go ahead to post the image online. I tell you if the day job and this writing thing don’t work out I’m going to start modeling watches. smile emoticon
Have a great week!