The Grey Ghost in the Emerald City!

We’re off to see the wizard! The wonderful wiz…. No wait Grey-Ghosters, not ‘THAT’ Emerald City! :-)
Over the weekend Team Grey Ghost packed our bags and headed up to the west coast again to the beautiful state of Washington. More of a family trip than book related but I did sign a copy or two while there AND to get to Seattle from where we were staying in Gig Harbor we had to pass over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge! Any Grey-Ghoster worth their salt here knows how influential that bridge’s history is to the ‘Shadow that Walks’ ( if not, get reading! LOL! ) I couldn’t stop myself from looking at that magnificent structure when we were driving over and envisioning the action – good thing I wasn’t driving! A great weekend full of fun, family, lots of coffee, amazing seafood and believe it or not not a drop of rain!
Well about time I stop running all over the place and get back to work on TJKM, have a great week Grey-Ghosters!

GG_inPike Place

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