A ‘Goolie’ Reader!

Good morning Grey-Ghosters!
Well, I have to send out an apology to our newest reader, R2D2, because I told him at Con Kasterborous that he was going to be the Grey Ghost ‘Coolest Photo of the Week’ but some Grey-Ghosters up in the Windy City beat him hands down! :-)
A special Thank You to Jim Roche and the man in the hat himself Svengoolie – Rich Koz for sending me this awesome photo last night! What a true treat from some great friends!

And speaking of the host with the most, check out his show tonight when The Son also rises with Lon Chaney Jr. as the “Son of Dracula” on Svengoolie- Tonight on MeTV- 10pm E/P, 9 Cl, check local listings!…and remember to pass the garlic…Sven_w_GGbook