Con Kasterborous Exclusive ART!

Good Monday Grey-Ghosters!
Well what better way to start off a work week than with some exciting Grey Ghost news? As you might know a few weeks ago I promised to exclusively unveil the (in-progress) back cover art for ‘The Grey Ghost: The Jeweled Kiss Mysteries’ at the Grey Ghost Panel at Con Kasterborous. That panel and event went really well but I can’t forget my friends here on Facebook and that couldn’t make it to Con K so here you go Grey-Ghosters. This back art image has always been in my mind a living snap shot into Joe’s adventures and journey into being the Grey Ghost so pay close attention to some details on this one! heehee 😉
Oh and along with that I’m re-posting this amazing photograph that Jim Roche and Svengoolie sent on Friday to me in case you didn’t see it over the weekend. It truly was a unexpected treat that I will always cherish from my friends up in Chicago.

Have a great week!

Book2_BackDa_72715 Sven_w_GGbook