Team Grey Ghost at Con Kasterborous 2015!

Good Morning Grey-Ghosters!
Well I’m a little behind on this post but I wanted to wait for some great photos from the very talented ‘AND BUSY’ Michael Sylvester and also it took me and Kim about a week to recover from the “Con K Craziness” of last weekend!
Last weekend Team Grey Ghost took our little novel and Grey Ghost Swag and on a horse named Susan with interesting life choices that we respect. – All of the Whovians here just laughed…I think…😉 – to Huntsville’s Con Kasterborous!
No seriously, what an amazing convention. I can’t praise Bonnie Con K ConChair, Lori Brown, Melinda Kyzar, Matthew Kresal, Judson Hudson, all of the volunteers and organizers enough for putting on such a great convention and helping us get our foot in the door.

I also can’t thank everyone who supported Team Grey Ghost at the convention and the Grey Ghost Panel enough. Everyone keeps asking how we did over the weekend and I don’t like to give specifics but I’ll just say there is a full box of novels now missing from my garage – and it was bigger on the inside :-)

Celebrities were out in force over the weekend too, Kim got to meet the Doctor himself, Paul McGann, (she hasn’t stopped smiling yet – apparently he’s a hugger) and I even got a new celebrity Grey-Ghoster in R2-D2! The little guy stopped by our both and told me specifically that he’s read the Kindle version novel twice! LOL
Thanks also to the lovely lady we met there that creates pixel art with beads, she took the challenge and immortalized the Grey Ghost in pixel form as well as our new little android Grey-Ghoster. If anyone out here caught her name please send this along to her.
I can’t wait until next year’s convention, allons-y! and have a great weekend!

Click Here for Photos – via the Nicholas Cara Facebook Page!