Con Kasterborous in 5 Days!

Hello Grey-Ghosters!
I hope you all had a great Comic-Con/Shark Week weekend! No disrespect to San Diego BUT ‘this upcoming weekend’ is the BIG wibbly wobbly timey wimey convention of the year, right here in Huntsville AL at Con Kasterborous! As I said before this is the first year that the Grey Ghost is making an appearance at the convention so I chained the art and graphics department in the basement over the weekend until they came up with some great ads that I can’t wait to share with you.
Of course, if you guys just can’t wait until Saturday, I noticed The Deep, Comics & Games still had a few autographed copies on the front desk so get yours before they are gone.
All of you know I love countdowns so here we go, 5 Days and counting until Con Kasterborous! “Geronimo!”