The Grey Ghost invades Hollywood! …. well sort of :-)

Good morning Grey-Ghosters! Yes, to me it’s morning because jet lag ready stinks :-)

BUT… I just got back from LA after a few days of talking to Stars and Directors, throwing around words like ‘Optioning’ and ‘Royalties’ and…

Nah, Just Kidding…

I did get sent out there for the day job and thought you’d get kick out of some pics of LA and Pasadena.
It an was interesting change of pace.

11703027_965720300152160_2780967998056314540_n 11709561_965720283485495_2012961414628581308_n  11705158_965720316818825_4585024034561392010_n 11705258_965720270152163_6077743098105175811_n11220932_965720336818823_6043949805173188617_n