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Con Kasterborous Exclusive ART!

Good Monday Grey-Ghosters!
Well what better way to start off a work week than with some exciting Grey Ghost news? As you might know a few weeks ago I promised to exclusively unveil the (in-progress) back cover art for ‘The Grey Ghost: The Jeweled Kiss Mysteries’ at the Grey Ghost Panel at Con Kasterborous. That panel and event went really well but I can’t forget my friends here on Facebook and that couldn’t make it to Con K so here you go Grey-Ghosters. This back art image has always been in my mind a living snap shot into Joe’s adventures and journey into being the Grey Ghost so pay close attention to some details on this one! heehee 😉
Oh and along with that I’m re-posting this amazing photograph that Jim Roche and Svengoolie sent on Friday to me in case you didn’t see it over the weekend. It truly was a unexpected treat that I will always cherish from my friends up in Chicago.

Have a great week!

Book2_BackDa_72715 Sven_w_GGbook

A ‘Goolie’ Reader!

Good morning Grey-Ghosters!
Well, I have to send out an apology to our newest reader, R2D2, because I told him at Con Kasterborous that he was going to be the Grey Ghost ‘Coolest Photo of the Week’ but some Grey-Ghosters up in the Windy City beat him hands down! :-)
A special Thank You to Jim Roche and the man in the hat himself Svengoolie – Rich Koz for sending me this awesome photo last night! What a true treat from some great friends!

And speaking of the host with the most, check out his show tonight when The Son also rises with Lon Chaney Jr. as the “Son of Dracula” on Svengoolie- Tonight on MeTV- 10pm E/P, 9 Cl, check local listings!…and remember to pass the garlic…Sven_w_GGbook

Team Grey Ghost at Con Kasterborous 2015!

Good Morning Grey-Ghosters!
Well I’m a little behind on this post but I wanted to wait for some great photos from the very talented ‘AND BUSY’ Michael Sylvester and also it took me and Kim about a week to recover from the “Con K Craziness” of last weekend!
Last weekend Team Grey Ghost took our little novel and Grey Ghost Swag and on a horse named Susan with interesting life choices that we respect. – All of the Whovians here just laughed…I think…😉 – to Huntsville’s Con Kasterborous!
No seriously, what an amazing convention. I can’t praise Bonnie Con K ConChair, Lori Brown, Melinda Kyzar, Matthew Kresal, Judson Hudson, all of the volunteers and organizers enough for putting on such a great convention and helping us get our foot in the door.

I also can’t thank everyone who supported Team Grey Ghost at the convention and the Grey Ghost Panel enough. Everyone keeps asking how we did over the weekend and I don’t like to give specifics but I’ll just say there is a full box of novels now missing from my garage – and it was bigger on the inside :-)

Celebrities were out in force over the weekend too, Kim got to meet the Doctor himself, Paul McGann, (she hasn’t stopped smiling yet – apparently he’s a hugger) and I even got a new celebrity Grey-Ghoster in R2-D2! The little guy stopped by our both and told me specifically that he’s read the Kindle version novel twice! LOL
Thanks also to the lovely lady we met there that creates pixel art with beads, she took the challenge and immortalized the Grey Ghost in pixel form as well as our new little android Grey-Ghoster. If anyone out here caught her name please send this along to her.
I can’t wait until next year’s convention, allons-y! and have a great weekend!

Click Here for Photos – via the Nicholas Cara Facebook Page!


Con Kasterborous in 5 Days!

Hello Grey-Ghosters!
I hope you all had a great Comic-Con/Shark Week weekend! No disrespect to San Diego BUT ‘this upcoming weekend’ is the BIG wibbly wobbly timey wimey convention of the year, right here in Huntsville AL at Con Kasterborous! As I said before this is the first year that the Grey Ghost is making an appearance at the convention so I chained the art and graphics department in the basement over the weekend until they came up with some great ads that I can’t wait to share with you.
Of course, if you guys just can’t wait until Saturday, I noticed The Deep, Comics & Games still had a few autographed copies on the front desk so get yours before they are gone.
All of you know I love countdowns so here we go, 5 Days and counting until Con Kasterborous! “Geronimo!”


A BIG Unveiling coming at Con Kasterborous 2015!

Hello Grey Ghosters!
Well I got the confirmation yesterday that the Grey Ghost WILL BE haunting the Artist Alley at Con Kasterborous 2015 in two weeks! The team is hard at work to getting everything in order for all the fun. We will of course have novels for sale but also new Grey Ghost Buttons, ‘Operation QuarterPenny’ T-shirts, and a special edition Blue Box/Grey Ghost Print. I’ll post more the closer we get to the big day.
BUT I also have some amazing news to share, along with our table in Artist Alley we are going to be having a Grey Ghost Panel during the Convention where I was just informed by my artist that we will be unveiling the Back Cover Art for the second novel: ‘The Grey Ghost: The Jeweled Kiss Mysteries’!
You will be able to see it before anyone else at The Grey Ghost Panel!

Stay Tuned Grey-Ghosters!


Click the ‘link’ below for more information on Con Kasterborous 2015!

Con Kasterborous Link


The Grey Ghost invades Hollywood! …. well sort of :-)

Good morning Grey-Ghosters! Yes, to me it’s morning because jet lag ready stinks :-)

BUT… I just got back from LA after a few days of talking to Stars and Directors, throwing around words like ‘Optioning’ and ‘Royalties’ and…

Nah, Just Kidding…

I did get sent out there for the day job and thought you’d get kick out of some pics of LA and Pasadena.
It an was interesting change of pace.

11703027_965720300152160_2780967998056314540_n 11709561_965720283485495_2012961414628581308_n  11705158_965720316818825_4585024034561392010_n 11705258_965720270152163_6077743098105175811_n11220932_965720336818823_6043949805173188617_n