Superman and the Grey Ghost 2015!

Good Morning Grey-Ghosters!
If you remember, a long time ago in the galaxy…. oh wait no…it was last year in the state of Illinois… the Grey Ghost and I had went on a Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey adventure at the annual Superman Celebration. Returning to the ‘Super’ event over this past weekend I was more than happy to bring the adventures of our ghostly guardian to Metropolis’s cobbled streets. The Superman Celebration as I’ve posted every year is an amazing event not too far from here so if you have the opportunity please do yourself a favor and head up there, it’s great! This year I was able to meet a few heroes, a couple of celebrities (Arrow’s Caity Lotz and the Flash’s Candice Patton), get some photos of the novel and Grey Ghost next to the Superman Statue AND get a new reader and Grey-Ghoster in the legendary Wrestler/Announcer Jerry the King Lawyer! We even found that Tardis again but this year I couldn’t get the silly thing to work

MeBookSuperman IMG_3391.2015-06-14_153403 IMG_3389.2015-06-14_153217 IMG_3379.2015-06-14_152808 IMG_3362.2015-06-13_231439 IMG_3361.2015-06-13_231434 IMG_3349.2015-06-13_220538 IMG_3347.2015-06-13_220222 IMG_3344.2015-06-13_205638 IMG_3343.2015-06-13_205621 IMG_3341.2015-06-13_203854 IMG_3340.2015-06-13_203850 IMG_3316.2015-06-13_200236 IMG_3300.2015-06-13_161639 IMG_3286.2015-06-13_153050 IMG_3285.2015-06-13_153045 IMG_3284.2015-06-13_153027 IMG_3283.2015-06-13_153001 IMG_3249.2015-06-13_005910