Grey-Ghosters…. your Villain.

Good Morning Grey-Ghosters!
What a productive weekend! I quickly talked myself into believing that the very little drizzle we got on Saturday made it way too wet to work on the house, so I got hard at work on the sequel again.
I can tell you, the last few weeks have definitely shown me that I’ll never know where inspiration is going to pop up from. Sadly a week ago I was involved in a car accident involving me, a red light and another car not seeing said red light (no worries, everyone was ok, so QUARTERPENNY!) but from that lemon of a day came an amazing scene in the sequel! I literally scribbled it down on the back of the report as the cop and tow truck left, I can’t wait to get that action on paper in the future, and it’s going to be one of those moments only the Grey Ghost can bring you!
Also from nowhere, a doodle of all things sparked an avalanche of ideas last Friday along with an amazing scene that I was able to put to paper this weekend AND this sketch that I refined over the weekend of Minos, our main villain. IMG_3111

Man is it creepy in all the right Grey Ghost world ways! The perfect black hat for the Grey Ghost, (literally!)
For those who know me well you probably are seeing its inspiration, and are saying “See what he did there…” LOL
I wish I could tell you more about the scene I wrote this weekend, it was one of those I couldn’t write fast enough moments where the idea behind the scene was exciting even for the author! But that would be cheating so all I can tell you about the scene is it sets up events for the next two novels, all summed in three words.
That’s it for now Grey-Ghosters, have a great week!