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The Jeweled Kiss Mysteries Cover Art [prototype-1]


I promised all of you a peek, so here you go Grey-Ghosters.
This is the first stab at the cover art of ‘The Grey Ghost: The Jeweled Kiss Mysteries’. Just like the first cover I’m going to be working and tweaking this one literally up to the day of the novel’s release but I thought this was a good start. It really sets the right mood for the next adventure.


An amazing outcome to Operation Quarterpenny! [Updated]

Prepare yourselves Grey-Ghosters for some great news, some special thank you’s, some name dropping, and possibly the worst drum roll ever recorded on the Internet! But hey its Monday morning!

Thank you everyone!

The Worst Drum Roll in the history of the Internet, but a huge Thank You!



[UPDATE 4/8/2015]

A quick update Grey-Ghosters, the donation to the Wounded Warrior Project has been made. Thank you again for all of your help.


WWP_Donation Receipt