We have been nominated for a Rondo! (Book of the Year!)

Good Afternoon Grey-Ghosters!
I got some interesting news from a member of Team Grey-Ghost. Apparently the funny guy has nominated both the book and myself for a Rondo Award as book of the year! If you don’t know what a Rondo is, it is an award given during the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards. Which I know what you are thinking, The Grey Ghost is very far, and I mean FAR away from Horror but it also deals with classic adventure and scifi so I guess we might fit in there. To be honest I wouldn’t have even known about it if not for Svengoolie on Me-TV who is also up for best host. But Hey, I appreciate the nomination Grey-Ghoster! If you’d like to add to the chances of The Grey Ghost being represented at the Rondos you can click on the link below and vote now. According to our nominating Grey-Ghoster we are a write in right now for Best Book and Best Writer, but if we get enough votes that might change.
Well pretty neat just being nominated…You guys are great!