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Tonight is the Night Grey-Ghosters!

TONIGHT’S the night, Grey-Ghosters! ‘Operation QuarterPenny’ takes off at 8 pm est over at and the clock is up! It’s a 48 hour flash sale so get there quickly, the clock starts at 8 pm est and remember we are splitting all of the proceeds right down the middle with a veterans’ charity! Go TEAM GREY GHOST! ‪#‎OPERATIONQUARTERPENNY‬

A quick hello  and thanks from me video at the link below:

Tonight is the Night!


The Grey Ghost Art Project Kickoff!

Hello Grey-Ghosters!
I came up with a really fun idea yesterday and can’t wait for all of your responses. Today starts the official Grey Ghost Art Project!

Can you Draw? Doodle? Paint? Make amazing Macaroni & Glue pictures? Then this is the contest for you!

mona lisa frame_GG


One of the fun aspects for me during the writing process for the first novel was taking a break every now and then and working on other parts of the book i.e. the cover, chapter art, Vindicator newspaper’s etc. And while I love that part of the process and I am hard at work on new pieces for the second book, I would really love to see other people’s interpretations of our Ghostly Hero. It’s one of my favorite parts of books; everyone envisions things just a little differently when they read it. And a different view on the Grey Ghost will work perfectly for the new story.

So here you have it Grey-Ghosters, here is your chance to have your art immortalized (haha dramatic much!) in the second novel of the Grey Ghost. You’ve seen little sketches, doodles, covers, paintings, photos and full descriptions in the first novel of what our hero looks like to me but maybe you saw him in your mind a little different, well then, let’s see it!
All I ask is you keep to the feel and good spirited nature of the little world I created. More Clayton Moore’s Lone Ranger than say Frank Milller’s 300.

You can use any media: paint, pencil, markers, crayon, back of a napkin, go crazy! And this contest is open to any level of artist, at any age! (I know I would’ve looked something like this back when I was in school, so tell your kids, grand kids, nieces and nephews!) I will be picking at least two entries as winners. These winning entries will be used as art in the next novel and the artist will be credited in a special “thank you” page in the novel.
Oh and all winning artists will receive a free autographed copy of The Grey Ghost: The Jeweled Kiss Mysteries upon its release. <- Pretty Cool!
I will be putting all entries here on and on the Nicholas Cara Facebook page in a special ‘Grey Ghost Art Project’ folder. As of right now there is no end date set for the contest because I know good art takes time but get working Grey-Ghosters!
To enter send your pieces as an attachment to:

Please include your name, address, and email so I can get back to you in case you win.
Thanks and get drawing Grey-Ghosters!

We have been nominated for a Rondo! (Book of the Year!)

Good Afternoon Grey-Ghosters!
I got some interesting news from a member of Team Grey-Ghost. Apparently the funny guy has nominated both the book and myself for a Rondo Award as book of the year! If you don’t know what a Rondo is, it is an award given during the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards. Which I know what you are thinking, The Grey Ghost is very far, and I mean FAR away from Horror but it also deals with classic adventure and scifi so I guess we might fit in there. To be honest I wouldn’t have even known about it if not for Svengoolie on Me-TV who is also up for best host. But Hey, I appreciate the nomination Grey-Ghoster! If you’d like to add to the chances of The Grey Ghost being represented at the Rondos you can click on the link below and vote now. According to our nominating Grey-Ghoster we are a write in right now for Best Book and Best Writer, but if we get enough votes that might change.
Well pretty neat just being nominated…You guys are great!


Live Long and Prosper

A few years ago I sat with a piece of paper in front of me and wrote two words: Hero Adventure and Space Adventure. I decided that these were the two areas of fiction that I from all of my reading, movie watching and fandom I was best suited to write my first novel about. Of course I circled Hero Adventure and thus the story (eventually) of the Grey Ghost was born. However it is not like Space Adventure has ever slipped away from my consciousness. For those who know me and my day job, SPACE is in the forefront of my daily life. And not to sound too nerdy but a catalyst to this grand adventure I’m on was the TV show Star Trek. There was a spark ignited many years ago that burns still today in a young me once I watched the crew of the Enterprise boldly going where no one has gone before. Sadly as many of you know today we lost the amazing actor Lenard Nimoy who played Mr. Spock, a character that I loved from the moment I saw my first episode. I’m saddened by the fact I won’t be able to see the eye brow raised on screen anymore but heartened by the idea that the fictional character of Spock will outlive Mr. Nimoy inspiring generations of kids to come. RIP Mr. Nimoy or in better terms “LIVE LONG AND PROSPER”

LIVELONG star-trek-spock1 LiveLONG_GG