The Grey Ghost is going to Con Kasterborous 2015!


Good Morning Grey-Ghosters! Without further adieu, here is the big announcement! I and the Grey Ghost have been invited to Con Kasterborous 2015!
Con Kasterborous (a Dr. Who convention) is in my opinion one of the area’s preeminent and fastest growing sci-fi conventions in Northern Alabama and I am happy to say that the plan right now is for the Grey Ghost to be at one of the coveted tables on the Artist Alleyway. There are even plans in the works to have a Grey Ghost panel during the convention (right now think “Old School” Radio Show). I’m going to be hard at work getting some extra swag and posters ready for the Con over the next few months along with working on the Shadow that Walk’s sequel which is really progressing. I can’t thank the team there at Con K enough especially Bonnie and Judson for helping me get in the door.
If you can make it to the convention this year I highly recommend it! More information is available at:

Have a great week Grey-Ghosters, and Allons-y!