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The Reviews are in! 5/5 STARS!

Well the reviews are in! It seems some Grey-Ghosters had some time over the holiday to finish ‘The Shadow that Walks’ and kindly left some soaring reviews on Amazon! I’m not one to brag but these were pretty nice so I thought I’d share them. Have a great week Grey-Ghosters!



Happy New Year! What a great 2014!

Well Grey-Ghosters, to say 2014 was hallmark year for me as an author would be a huge understatement! Our hero went into space (sort of), we had a really fun countdown, I had my first book signing, oh yeah and we finally after years of work published “The Shadow that Walks”! It was a great year and a great experience to meet those of you I did and I can’t wait to meet and see more of you in 2015. This year is already shaping up to be a great year full of surprises. I’ll clue you in when they get closer but let’s just say 2015 is going to be fun! Happy New Year! Have an awesome 2015 and “Quarterpenny” Grey-Ghosters!