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Roll Tide Team Grey-Ghost!

Good morning Grey-Ghosters! Well it was an amazing weekend with a double shot of great Crimson Tide news! First, man was that was a great SEC championship game, it’s great to be “Rolling with the Tide” in 2014! And on top of watching the Tide win the SEC, I got some great additional news from Tuscaloosa. The University of Alabama Supply Store has confirmed that they will be carrying The Grey Ghost: The Shadow that Walks! I can’t wait to head back to T-Town and see copies of the novel next to Nick Saban’s book in the Ferguson Center. Roll Tide Team Grey-Ghost!



We hit the SHELVES!

Good morning Grey-Ghosters, I hope you all had a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend. But as we stuffed ourselves with turkey the Grey Ghost train kept on rolling! Two big enough events happened over the Black Friday weekend:
1.The Deep, Comics & Games completely SOLD OUT of the copies of the novel they had. (I’m working on getting them more as we speak and will let you know when we do)
AND 2ND I just happened to walk into the local Barnes and Noble I was at over the holiday weekend and look what I found sitting there on the new sci-fi shelf! I talked to the store manager and they had already sold 5/6 of their copies! I can’t tell you how cool it was to see this just sitting on the shelves at a Barnes and Noble!
Have a great week, I might have some other great news later this week!

BarnesOnShelf2 BarnesOnShelf1