Tomorrow is the day… and a special messege to you all…


I can’t act like I got here on my own…
Have any of you ever been in a play or a musical? Well I’ve been in a few and honestly one of my favorite parts is when actors are taking a bow at the end and then walk to the front of the stage to applaud the orchestra pit. It’s the part where the faces of the show recognize that without the support and talent of the guys you can’t see all they would be are people jumping all over a stage in funny wigs and too much eye liner. Well that’s what I happily get to do today.
Tomorrow is the release day for the Grey Ghost: The Shadow that Walks. This has been a 3-4 year journey for me and I would be amiss if I made it sound like I traveled this winding road by myself.
First, I have to thank my beautiful wife. Writing a novel when it is not your day job is a HUGE commitment and she inspired and supported me every step along the way, I really can’t thank her enough.
I also have to thank my parents who have always encouraged my reading and imagination from the start. Without reading those written words of worlds and galaxies far, far, away I’d would have never been able to write a single one of my own. They and the rest of my family and friends who have helped me along this path are owed my deepest admiration. Especially my sister and her husband who created for me, it was a true surprise and turned out to a really invaluable tool in this process.
Have you ever looked at something and said “I could do that”? Well one day while reading a book I said “I should write a book!” It took years for ‘that’ story to finally come around in my head but eventually it planted itself and took root. That story however would’ve stayed a perennial rough draft in my head if not my for my great friend Dan Paloski, who as my editor, has helped polish this stone into the shiny gem we believe it is.
And finally and not least of all, a huge thank you goes out to all of you! ALL OF TEAM GREY GHOST! This has been an adventure of a life time for me and honestly this is only Book 1. During this work I met a lot of you because of your interest and support in my story. If penning the novel was all that there was to being a writer than this wouldn’t have been nearly as fun as it has been over the last year. Who would’ve known a little Lego figure and some imagination could’ve been so much fun as we all waited the long cold winter of waiting that submitting the work to agents and publishers turned into. It has been a true pleasure meeting those of you that I have while working on this story and promoting it over last few years and I hope to meet even more of you as you experience the magical world of Joe Bevine and the Grey Ghost.
This experience has only solidified my belief in the thought “Why not me?” this is a saying that I’ve learned over the last decade when it comes to achievements. When you see someone doing something you’d love to do and think “Why can’t I do that?” well the answer is— “Well, why can’t you?”— You can do anything once you set your mind to it. My Grandma always told me that and the most singularly important moment in my life was the day I started believing her and understanding that when you see someone doing something amazing and think “Man, I wish I could do that” the only thing stopping you is a misbelief you’re not good enough. I always looked at the novels I disappeared into and thought “Man, why can’t I write a novel?” and the first step to getting to this point was deciding there wasn’t any reason I couldn’t.
“Quarterpenny” (You’ll soon find out what that means LOL) and I can only hope you enjoy ‘The Shadow that Walks’ as much as I did bringing it to the written page.