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Big News upcoming!

Good Morning Grey-Ghosters!

Today starts the beginning of a BIG WEEK! When I say “BIG WEEK!” I mean BIG, BIG, “Punch a Shark in the Face” BIG WEEK for the Grey-Ghost Novel PROCESS!!!!
So let’s start it off with a little clue for what is coming–in this photo are two clues to the upcoming BIG NEWS of this amazing week. Can you guess what they are? Good luck with that…

What I need is help from all the Grey-Ghosters out there to start REALLY getting the word out for all of the upcoming announcements. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE start ‘SHARING’ and ‘LIKING’ the upcoming announcements. I need all of Team Grey Ghost’s help, and trust me the announcements are going to be good!

Nick C.


Full Cover Art!

Good Morning Grey-Ghosters! Well I’m bursting at the seams here to tell you some exciting news but……I can’t tell you yet! I’m sorry, as soon as I can I will let you know, promise.
Just think of it this way, a lot of stuff happened yesterday (good stuff…) and as soon as I can tell everyone I promise I will.
Until then I wanted to show you guys the very possible, probably, more than likely ”FINAL VERSION” of the full cover of The Grey Ghost: The Shadow that Walks. It came together better than I could have hoped for and I really hope you guys like it as much as I do.
Take care and look out for big news….SOON!