Grey Ghost Trivia Challenge – QUESTION 1

Well today is the day!
DAY 1 of the Grey Ghost Trivia Challenge! On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will be posting three questions here at or on Facebook. On Friday the first two people to instant message or email me the answers to all 3 questions will win the Ultimate Grey Ghost prize pack which consists of:
1. Your name being added to the novel as a character
2. A private message from me revealing the release date of the Grey Ghost: The Shadow that Walks.

Rules: Your answer MUST be sent to me privately, do not post it here or on Facebook for others to see or you are disqualified. All of the answers are parts of posts either on Facebook or here at

So happy hunting!

Oh and if you want to private message me during the week to see if you have the answers correct I might be willing to let you know.

QUESTION 1: On the 1/7/2014 post on Pierre El├ęphante welcomes you as one of the newest members of a radio show’s secret society. What is the name of the WKBN Radio Station Manager?

Good Luck Grey-Ghosters!