The Novel is “Cray-Cray” free! …..promise

While working on the Agent Search a couple questions keep coming up over and over again. I figured if I have to answer then for an agent I might as well let on for my Grey-Ghosters here as well.

Genre of book: Adventure / Science Fiction

Standalone Novel or Series?: The book is a standalone read however is part of a planned trilogy

Number of Words/Pages: 79,789 / 287 Pages

Hook: An Adventure story based on physics sprinkled with magic and jam-packed with adventure!

Favorite Lines from the Book:

“He survived the war; I just hope she’ll let him survive the ride back to the house…”


“I wasn’t talking to the puppy…” <- that second one is great in context

Audience?: The novel is written for everyone. All of the characters so far are adults but one of the main goals I had writing this novel is to create a story that could be read from ages 1-100. I wanted to write a story that I could enjoy and not have a problem reading to my kids one day.

Here is a list of things that you WILL NOT see and a list of things YOU WILL see in the Grey Ghost: The Shadow that Walks…