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The Novel is “Cray-Cray” free! …..promise

While working on the Agent Search a couple questions keep coming up over and over again. I figured if I have to answer then for an agent I might as well let on for my Grey-Ghosters here as well.

Genre of book: Adventure / Science Fiction

Standalone Novel or Series?: The book is a standalone read however is part of a planned trilogy

Number of Words/Pages: 79,789 / 287 Pages

Hook: An Adventure story based on physics sprinkled with magic and jam-packed with adventure!

Favorite Lines from the Book:

“He survived the war; I just hope she’ll let him survive the ride back to the house…”


“I wasn’t talking to the puppy…” <- that second one is great in context

Audience?: The novel is written for everyone. All of the characters so far are adults but one of the main goals I had writing this novel is to create a story that could be read from ages 1-100. I wanted to write a story that I could enjoy and not have a problem reading to my kids one day.

Here is a list of things that you WILL NOT see and a list of things YOU WILL see in the Grey Ghost: The Shadow that Walks…


Now let’s get this silly thing published!

We are entering the next stage of this process and that’s what I call STAGE 3: “GET THE BOOK PUBLISHED!” I am happy to report to everyone that the novel has finally been submitted to literary agents! I’m sending it out by mail, email, owl post, carrier pigeon, whatever it takes! So if you are an agent and your house starts filling up with owls holding letters, then write me back! LOL

This also means we are entering the really long and possibly boring time (maybe not!) of the process as we wait to see responses from literary agents about picking up the book. I’m trying to give all of the perspective agents their requested allotment of time in between submissions so this will take a while to get to everyone.

So let’s all keep our fingers crossed Grey-Ghosters! I will keep all of you posted on any developments,


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Ok it is on! I accept the ALS ice bucket challenge from Ray Joseph! I’m still making a donation this evening to ALS research and challenge all Grey-Ghosters out there to do the same. I particularly make the ALS Ice bucket challenge to my fellow Hulk-a-maniac Austin Decker, my best man Chris Paloski and my favorite officer Jake Lape! You boys have 24 hours to complete the challenge and don’t wimp out on me there was A LOT OF ICE in that bucket!



Click on the red link below to see the challenge!



Punch-A-Shark in the Face Big News!

Big Novel News Grey-Ghosters!

(punch-a-shark in the face big news!)

sharkweekVGG_HDThanks to a rain soaked and gloomy weekend I was able to finally sit down and finish all of the rewrites! So with that the writing part of the Novel is finally complete!!!! And it is true what they say, the second time around is really the most fun because I was able to really refine the story during the rewrites AND since I’m already working out the details for the sequel I was able to work in little Easter Eggs that will have huge pays off later.
The rewrites have been sent out to Dan so once those have been looked over the book is  finished-finished.
BUT other good news! Dan already got me the first 50 pages of rewrites back (Dan = The Flash!) so I will be starting to send out submissions to literary agents in the next couple of weeks (Most all want the first 50 pages) So things are really moving along in the right direction! I’ll keep you posted!

Oh and by the way since its Shark Week, I made a picture of the Grey Ghost punching a shark, just because its cool seeing your character punching a shark… Happy Shark Week!


Grey Ghost Sightings!!!

Grey Ghost Sightings!!!!!!!


Well Grey-Ghosters, you know we are hitting the home stretch of the novel when reports of Grey Ghost sightings around town start popping up! Two sections of re-writes completed, one to go!

GG_Sightings2  GG_Sightings3  GG_Sightings4 GG_Sightings6 GG_Sightings7 GG_Sightings5

Had to add an extra! The Grey Ghost and the SuperMoon! (Sounds like a Syfy movie)