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Comic Con Weekend for the Grey Ghost

Good Morning Grey Ghosters!

Well it’s the week of Comic-Con in San Diego! And no sadly “The Grey Ghost: The Shadow That Walks” hasn’t hit Hall H yet, (To those not big on Comic-Con, Hall H is where people line up for days to see the big movie/comic reveals every year) but there’s always hope one day! And of course with Comic-Con comes S.W.A.G. (S.W.A.G. Comic Con Definition= Stuff We All Get). So it is my pleasure to introduce the first Grey Ghost S.W.A.G.! A HUGE THANKS to the Grey Ghoster who put together the first Grey Ghost Button! It is proudly pinned on my work backpack (pictured below) and will remain there indefinitely.

Stepping away from my fantasy of being at Comic Con one day…In book related news: Section 3’s edits are finally completed and checked! Dan honestly got those to me weeks ago but it has been a really busy summer and I just finished going over them yesterday. So that completes a huge step in the writing process.

The next step will be the re-writes of certain sections and then the big moment of sending out submissions to literary agents. I have already put together a list of agent names as long as my arm that will be getting an email from me soon.

I hope you all have a great week and thanks as always!


Oh and as an added feature:

Some authors wait years for their first action figure. Me? I never seem to wait for the mountain to come to me. The New Comic Con Weekend Exclusive (VERY EXCLUSIVE! 1 of 1) Grey Ghost action figure. LOL!



A Grey Ghost Musical Theme!

Over the holiday weekend I had the privilege to sit down with famed musician Thomas Mastramico [yeah, me and him are close :-) ] and was ecstatic to find out some exciting news. Based on the art posted here and his relationship with my “Ghost Reader” he has been inspired to write a Grey Ghost Theme! Every great super hero has a musical theme behind them and now the Grey Ghost will as well! I’m not familiar of many novels with their own original music so we ARE DEFINITELY hitting some less traveled territory which is very exciting!

He let me take a peek at a few bars of the theme and let’s just say I was blown away! It is such an honor to have such a talented musician and composer now on the Grey Ghost Team!
I will keep you in the loop on the music as soon as I know anything, because it will be news to me too!


Thanks for all the great feedback and Happy 4th of July!

Good Morning Grey Ghosters!
A big thank you to everyone who read the special released section of the novel yesterday! I appreciated all the kind words and feedback from everyone and hope it only whetted your appetites for the action that is still to come in the Grey Ghost: The Shadow that Walks!
If you haven’t gotten a chance yet to check it out, the released section is still up here on, its just back on the previous blog post titled:

I would like to send out a huge HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to all the Grey Ghosters! I hope you all have a really fun and safe Independence Day tomorrow!!!! USA USA!

Thanks as always!

Facebook 150 LIKE – Novel Section Unlocked!

Afternoon Grey Ghosters!

As most of you know I promised if we hit 150 LIKES on Facebook I would release a section of the novel for you to read and I am a man of my word. Attached is a PDF of just a small taste of the action set to come in the world of the Grey Ghost!


To set the scene we meet Mrs. Vera Bevine, mother to Joe Bevine, our hero going about her normal routine in the morning……

(Click the link to the PDF)