The Grey Ghost Goes Viral! and Global!


Wow! I have to send out a huge THANK YOU to the Grey Ghost Fans! Last week I sent out a challenge to all of you on Facebook to help me get the word out for this page and the HERO photo post; and boy did all of you respond. I never really understood the whole “Going Viral” thing on social media but over the weekend our little Facebook page as they say “Blew Up!” As of last week every post I would put there might reach 80-100 people according to Facebook and might get shared and/or liked 1-3 times. Which for a page with at the time only 120 LIKES is pretty good. BUT thanks to all of you, the post I sent out last week has been SHARED 36 times… LIKED 37 times… and has been VIEWED… and this is the big kicker…
1400+ times by different Facebook accounts!!!!! WOW o WOW! We even have been viewed and liked in both Italy and Japan!
And it’s still going as of this morning!

Thank you guys so much and PLEASE KEEP IT ROLLING by Sharing and Liking the Facebook PAGE and POSTS! @
I will definitely call to ASSEMBLE the team again when the book is coming out, and please know I honestly appreciate all of your help!

The Maps attached below are the locations of the Page’s LIKES as of today, its pretty neat to see such a diverse coverage of the country and world.

LikeMap_1-6_9_14 LikeMap_2-6_9_14