Monthly Archives: January 2014

Official Opening Day!

“and there’s the first pitch, and we are underway! …”

I want to welcome you all to the opening day of my NEW website,

A special Thank You goes out to Adam and Christa Kalcic for setting this site up for me; it is a wonderful Christmas present.

Adam’s amazing talent at website design and development is responsible for all the marvelous pages you going to find here on this site. He even taught me how to do a few things here which was a miracle in itself. :-)

I couldn’t recommend his services in website design more; he can be reached at

This is going to be an invaluable tool to help promote the novel, it’s a true treasure for any up and coming author.

Welcome Facebook Friends!

Hello Grey Ghost Fans!

I want to welcome all of the Grey Ghost fans following me on Facebook at to the new website!

And as a special treat on this, the official opening of the Nicholas Cara website, I am giving you all an exclusive sneak peek at two significant items from The Grey Ghost: The Shadow That Walks.

Remember these two leaks from the pages are TOP SECRET!

Letter Part 1Society Letter Part 2